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Our Packages.

Interiorsbook offer packages that help clients choosing the best-suited service for them. We provides all-new packages giving our clients more control and choices. Our Packages are scaled to fit your budget to give you the most ��??bang for the buck��?? for your marketing investment.

What makes Interiorsbook different from other lead generating platforms is that it gives it��??s clients a choice of replacement. If our clients are not satisfied with the leads, our policy allows our clients to replace their old leads with the freshly generated leads based upon their opted package.




Our first package is placed at ��?��10,000 + GST which includes 25 qualified leads with the freedom to claim 3 replacements.

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Our second package is placed at ��?��18,000 + GST which includes 50 qualified leads with the freedom to claim 5 replacements.




Our third package is placed at ��?��35,000 + GST which includes 100 qualified leads with the freedom to claim 10 replacements.

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With Interiorsbook, we digitize trade relations in the home and living industry. InteriorsBook is the unique online lead generating platform that helps interior designers purchase leads that explicitly meet 100% of their business criteria, enabling them to get unattainable leads at reasonable prices. InteriorsBook is the smart solution for interior experts and business professionals that help them in finding emerging and quality prospects.

Our website provides direct access to leads without leaving your office. The InteriorsBook Marketing System connects you to a vast network of clients in your industry, so you can systematically get genuine leads that fit your organization's criteria.

In the case of providing quality leads, we are passionate about living up to our commitment with the client. Interiorsbook has unmatched capabilities when it comes to adjusting the lead to the client's needs that enhances proficiency and improves results.


Our Process.


Step 1Qualified Leads.

Interiorsbook uses the tried and tested approach to help you reach out to your prospects and grow your business. Our team reaches clients through the variety of phone and internet-based probing to ensure that you not only receive the genuine leads but also leads that are non-repeated with the fresh requirements.

Step 2Daily Lead Generation.

We generate fresh leads on a daily basis and forward them to our reputed clients the very same day. With Interirosbook you don��??t have to worry about low months in business.

Our lead generation strategy will allow you to work on leads like clock-work, even on the so-called slow months.


Step 3Non-Circulated Leads.

Unlike other platforms in the market, we do not patronize the circulation of leads.

After generating a significant amount of leads through Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, the leads are distributed exclusively.

Each lead that comes to you through us, is given to your company alone.

Step 4Filtered Leads.

Interiorsbook is here to change the conventional marketing strategies and generate quality leads for you. Our team filters the tie-kickers from the generated leads.Through various strategies, we improve the quality of leads that you receive. Our team acts as a middleware between you and the lead. We talk to the clients first, drill down their requirements and get them onboard. Only those leads which are serious in getting the work done are forwarded to our clients.

Because it is better to bring in ten ��??hot��?? leads than 50 leads that have little or no potential of converting into customers.

Here at Interiorsbook, we double check the leads so that it reduces headaches later on.


Get Immediate Leads From The Best In Your Industry.

Whether you��??re a startup or a large enterprise, the main purpose of Interiorsbook is to benefit everyone in its community. As soon as you sign up, you will start receiving leads on a daily basis based upon your selected package.

Verification &Integrity.

Interiorsbook��??s onboarding verification process and Lead Quality Guarantee ensure that leads are only being exchanged between actual verified and registered clients. Our community of users embodies the values of integrity and ethical lead interchange.

Testimonial .

��??It was an amazing experience working with Interiorsbook. They have given my business the boost it deserves. Their simple yet effective process has helped me generate more sales for my business on a regular basis. I would highly recommend their services if you need the best leads in the market.

- Utkarsh CEO, Karsh Enterprises







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